First Interview Video Up!

With the thought of creating a video for a nonprofit organization, I called Street Sense in Washington, DC, to see if they would be interested in collaborating on a video. They don’t know me and said they’d rather create their own branded videos. So I figured I could create a video and see if they would be interested once they saw it. So this Summer I approached the man I saw every week at the Del Ray Farmers Market, selling Street Sense, and asked if he would be interested in a documentary video being done about him. I found out his name is Wendell, and he enthusiastically accepted.

I went straight to Margaret Kennedy of Old Town Productions, who used to work as a “1-woman-band” video reporter for VOA Television doing international work. Margaret helped with the interview, and taught me how to transcribe the interview, and create a script. She did the interview while I held the camera. I worked with Wendell on the wording for the intro text, and he asked if we could mention his GoFundme page and his public speaking. It seemed like a great way to get Wendell’s word out on those things so I helped get the GoFundme page launched, and Wendell is now hopefully becoming famous!

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