Ellen’s Christmas Video for 2015

Here is a short 43 second animation which took me many weeks to do – I think I started in … October? November? I started with a tree illustration, which I made 3d using 3d software called Cinema 4d. I added 3 lights, one being sunlight. I tried to keep the background dark, so the ornaments would glow. I spent about 2 weeks fiddling with the glow and luminance and reflectance of the ornaments.
Then I decided it might be easier to make my own music, rather than trying to find free music online. A week or two later… Though the music is far from perfect, it actually took many re-do’s. I only have very basic tools – just my computer keyboard really. My parents helped me remember how to read the music. The electronic versions of instruments that I used were a Steinway Grand piano, a “pop flute” and a regular flute played with lower notes than a real flute could actually do. But I liked the sound it made.
Well, here it is.

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